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I’m so glad you came by to see what we’re doing with gift giving and how Young Living essential oils can play a part in making special occasions — or even just everyday life — a little healthier and greener.

Awaken oil Young Living Team

Over the past three years, I’ve seen dramatic, positive change in my own health and that of my family and several friends.  It’s sort of like receiving a gift when my best friend calls to tell me her daughter finally got a good night’s rest because they diffused oils for her congestion and cough.  Or when my son has been playing hard outside during allergy season and comes in with a little wheeze in his breathing and just a few deep breaths of RC oil settles his system down within minutes.

The other half of this gift is the opportunity it has provided me in my professional life.

One of my passions is this blog – helping to share how to make parties and celebrations more special and less over-the-top, especially when it comes to kids.  Whether I’m featuring products on this blog or in my role as editor of Green Child Magazine, I only work with companies I believe in – ones that are truly doing great things for what we call the 3 P’s of Sustainability – People, Planet, Profits.

Essential oils have become a natural part of the way I take care of my family and the way I clean our home… and as a bonus — a nice extra stream of income.  If you’re looking for something similar, it would be a complete joy to answer any questions you might have.  Feel free to contact me.  Or if that feels too formal, come find me on Facebook and let’s get to know each other!

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