Under the Willow – A Charming Shop for Eco-Friendly Soaps

W soap Under the Willow – A Charming Shop for Eco Friendly Soaps

Under the Willow Natural Soaps

With all the press about one detergent company’s “free and clear” product that actually contains cancer-causing chemicals, even mainstream consumers are now on the lookout for truly eco-friendly soap and laundry options. It’s situations like these when reading labels really matters.

And so does finding a company you trust.

I met soap and cleaning expert, Carrie Garvin, online while searching for safe, green ways to wash cloth diapers.  Carrie and her husband have been making their own natural soaps for more than 30 years.  They founded Under the Willow in 1996, and in Carrie’s words, “today with all the hype about eco-friendly, Earth-friendly, natural, etc., we just smile because this has always been our recipe.”

They named the business Under the Willow after building a Victorian Farmhouse on some of Maryland’s beautiful rolling hills in the 80’s.  As Carrie recalls, “The week we moved in we planted a willow tree thinking it would take years for any one to be able to climb it. Little did we know, the branches grew fast and strong, just like our three children.”

Soon the Willow tree became the family’s symbol of strength, inspiration, giving roots to many dreams, and plans.  So naturally, when they decided to start the company the company name was easily decided –”Under the Willow.”  And the company motto soon became, “Our branches are growing natural gifts, for you, your home, and life.”

More than just the unique scents and soaps they make, it’s the care, charm, and personality that really endears this brand to its buyers.  To get a feel for Carrie’s style, check out her blog, Life on Fishing Creek or follow her on Pinterest.  It feels like following your favorite aunt, and you instantly know she has your best interests at heart when you buy these earthy soaps.

Her customers rave about how their laundry keeps its fresh scent so long after washing in Under the Willow laundry soap.  Here are a few favorites definitely worth checking out…

W laundry Under the Willow – A Charming Shop for Eco Friendly Soaps

Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap

Whispering Willow powder laundry soap comes in these fantastic scents – Cambridge Rum, Lavender Grace, and new Biscuits, Milk & Honey.  You won’t need fabric softener with this gentle but effective soap.  It’s safe for washing cloth diapers or baby clothes and blankets… and with the earthy muslin bag, it makes a beautiful baby shower gift!


W C beer Under the Willow – A Charming Shop for Eco Friendly Soaps

Chesapeake Beer Soaps

From baby gifts to wedding/bachelor gifts… Chesapeake Beer Soaps are made from real beer.  Carrie has mastered a recipe that produces soap with a rich, creamy lather.  These soaps are cleverly boxed and come in scents:

  • Honey & Ale
  • Berries & Porter
  • Oaten & Stout
  • Pumpkin & Lager
  • Lavender Moon
W Cottage Under the Willow – A Charming Shop for Eco Friendly Soaps

Cottage & Castle Natural Household Cleaner

Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and anywhere grime builds up, Cottage & Castle household cleaner contains no harsh chemicals or fumes.  That means you can clean without feeling like you’re about to have an asthma attack.  Carrie currently has a special that includes a free microfiber cloth with purchase of Cottage & Castle.


W Cambridge Under the Willow – A Charming Shop for Eco Friendly Soaps

Cambridge Run Hand Crafted Soap

Cambridge Rum Hand Created Soap has been a favorite of both men and women for more than six years.  It’s a signature blend of bay rum with warm yet delicate spices added.  Tucked inside a custom muslin bag… making it another stylish gift idea.

And speaking of gifts… Carrie is also a fan of wrapping gifts in fabric.  Take a peek at her fabric gift bags here.


This post was sponsored by Under the Willow, but all opinions are strictly mine. See our disclosure for more information on sponsored posts.

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  • Anonymous

    Love the sound of so many of their products, specially the laundry soap.  Thanks for sharing this company with us, Amity!  (Just have to check on whether it would work in today’s HE washers …)

  • http://www.GreenGiftsGuide.com Amity Hook-Sopko

    You’d like her, Sharon.  She’s delightful.  And I just peeked at the site, and it says HE friendly on the laundry soap :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/rebecca.livermore Rebecca Haley Livermore

    This sounds like an absolutely delightful company, with great products. I can almost smell the fragrances of the soaps as I read this, and I love the imagery of the willow, as weeping willows have long been my favorite tree.

  • http://www.StyleEssentials.com Lisa D Liguori-Style Essential

    Ohhhh, beer soap. A good gift idea for my hubby! I am putting that on my/his wish list for his March birthday. Thanks so much!

  • http://twitter.com/TiffanysToyBox Tiffany C.

    I LOVE anything hand crafted, so I have to try the handcrafted soap! Looks so fresh and natural! Thanks for the info!

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