Tristin and Tyler’s New Tales from the City

We all need role models in life.  And when you’re trying to instill your environmental values in your children, sometimes it helps to expose them to other kids who are not only helping out the planet… but are having a ball while they do it!

Welcome to our site2 510x1024 Tristin and Tylers New Tales from the CitySince meeting their mother/producer/supermom Tiffany last year, we’ve been thrilled to feature New York City eco-twins Tristin & Tyler and their Tales from the City.  From helping us with green gift wrapping to touring a craft bus to showing kids the benefits of yoga, these boys make a conscious lifestyle cool for kids.

And they help educate us along the way.

The exciting news this week is that they’ve just launched a brand new website, making it easier than ever to find all these great episodes you or your kids might have missed.

More than just green values, Tristin and Tyler’s adventures will inspire you to get out and do things together as a family.

Tiffany Cassanova has created a company made up of hard-working parents who are dedicated to providing appropriate, entertaining (and really fun) content parents can watch with their children.  To say she leads a busy life is an understatement – she’s an attorney, wife, and mom to two very busy boys!

“We have busy lives and kids to raise, but finding time to produce quality content that kids can relate to is very important to us.”

“Our goal is for each episode to teach children something about the busy place we call home, while informing parents about kid-friendly activities in the city. The show informs and entertains parents and children at the same time!”

We’d love to hear about your child’s favorite episode.  Stop by the new and let us know. If your kids are new to Tales from the City, the one where they interview the Muppets is a great place to start!

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