Add a Little Thought to Your Holiday Gift List

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It’s almost time to start your holiday gift list.  Whether you use our planning tool complete with names, gift ideas, decorations, and budget – or you use the back of the grocery receipt… you’ll soon be filling it along with your hopes and dreams of getting all your shopping finished by December 15th.

Having a list to keep us organized is smart. It certainly works for Old Saint Nick. But this year, how about we try not to get too caught up in adding names and crossing them off?  

Most of us wouldn’t feel very special thinking there’s a crumpled post-it note with our name crossed off, lying in a shopping cart somewhere.  We want to know some thought went into a gift that was given to us.

The gift we give should tell the recipient, “You’re special.”

The real reason we give is to show someone we care about them.  In his brilliant book Linchpin, Seth Godin says, “Real gifts don’t demand reciprocation, and the best kinds of gifts are gifts of art.”  The “art” he’s referring to is anything we’ve used our own unique talents to create or share.

This doesn’t mean you have to bake a loaf of banana chocolate chip bread or knit a scarf for every person on your Christmas list.  Please – as busy moms… we’re all about keeping things simple.

Instead, thoughtful giving reminds you to think about…

  • What makes this person smile
  • What makes her eyes light up?
  • The last time I was with him, did he mention something he’d love to have? 

(A great tip for your smart phone – next time type it and email it to yourself.) 

The message you send can be as unique as they are.  It can be encouragement, “I believe in you.”  Or simply and powerfully said, “I was paying attention.”

I’m sharing this post today as part of a series on green gifts I’ll be writing in honor of Change The World Wednesday‘s focus on eco-friendly gift giving.  If you can’t wait for more Sustainable Holidays ideas, be sure to check out our complete guide to Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping and these posts:

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    I just love this!  So many times people are rushed and pick up any old thing to give … and believe me, people know when zero thought went into a gift.  Personally, I’d rather get nothing at all.  But a thoughtful gift and one which was chosen (or made) especially for me … well … those are the best!  If we all just stopped and asked ourselves “what would make them smile” … wow … we’d be gift-giving heroes!  Thank you for such great ideas and sentiments!

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