“The Story of Electronics”

Electronics make great gifts.  You know the feeling of opening that box to find the new, sleek, updated model of whatever latest device you just can't live without.  And oh, the challenge of figuring out what each button does!

When it comes to buying electronics, as with many gifts, we tend to focus most of our attention on the up-front issues like price and convenience.  

Some of us take it a step further and consider whether or not we're buying green electronic gifts. The good news is that gadget gifts can be green.  An iPod replaces the packaging waste of countless CDs.  A solar charger eliminates that tangle of power cords that suck energy when they're not charging anything.  And if you check the green specs, you can find some greener options on laptops and computers.

But we don't tend to think long term about our electronic gifts.  It's a good thing Annie Leonard does. The third video in her Story series is out —  just in time for your holiday shopping.

We definitely favor the Take Back programs that are becoming popular in Europe.  Be sure to "Like" or share this post to make your friends aware this holiday season. 

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