How To Create A Gift Wrapping Station

Slide1 How To Create A Gift Wrapping Station

This week’s post in our 10 Weeks to a Green Christmas series is about setting up a Gift Giving / Wrapping Station.

The simplest way to wrap your gifts in an eco-friendly way is to use what you have.

Using what you have means if you still have paper gift bags left over from last year, by all means, use them!  Don’t think of paper as your enemy – it’s really one of the best options for wrapping bigger gifts.  Being more eco-conscious means we try to reduce the amount of new paper we use.  Hey, even Martha Stewart says it’s ok to iron and reuse last year’s wrapping paper!

gift wrap station embellishments How To Create A Gift Wrapping Station

In order to use what you have, you’ll need a system for organizing things like:

  • gift bags (fabric or paper ones you’ve received)
  • decorative boxes
  • large pieces of recycled paper
  • kids’ artwork to use for wrapping
  • odds and ends that make fun, festive embellishments

This is where a Gift Wrapping Station comes in super handy during the holidays.  And if you have enough hiding spots in yours, you might even be able to keep surprise gifts hidden from the people that live with you!

You may recall from my post about the inspiration from Pinterest, that I set up a gift giving station / craft area in an area of our basement we weren’t using. As you can see, this space multi-functional.  So when the holidays are over, it’s more of a place I keep photos to be framed, kids’ work that needs to be filed or put in their binders, and my attempts at sewing.

But you’ll also notice, I repurposed several items, instead of going out and buying new organizing tools.


gift wrap station fabric bags How To Create A Gift Wrapping Station

This is one of the rails from our sons’ crib. Even though you can store fabric gift bags neatly inside one another, I was always making a mess rifling through them trying to find the right size.  These rails help arrange them by size, so I can quickly grab what I need.

gift wrap center tools 300x258 How To Create A Gift Wrapping Station

I also used little storage items I found in the basement to hold spools of thread, markers, and pretty images from last year’s holiday cards that I’ll use this year for gift tags.  Check out this Pinterest board I created on gift giving stations for some fun ways to dress up old vegetable cans to hold gift or craft items.

How to Set Up Your Own Eco Friendly Gift Wrap Center

Again, try to use what you have.  For my station, I found just about everything from other rooms in the house or out of storage in the basement. No matter if it’s a closet or a storage bin under a bed, find a system that helps you gather all your gift-giving supplies in one place.

  • Set up your station near where you usually wrap gifts
  • Have a flat surface for wrapping nearby
  • Keep bins or boxes to store recycled wrapping papers
  • Set up smaller tubs for natural twine, recycled tags, bows, and other embellishments
  • Add scissors, tape, and a marker or pen
  • If space allows, store the gifts you plan to give in the same place

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  • Hughie Bagnell

    WOW…that is quite the ‘gift wrapping section’! Great article Amity! …Thanks, Hughie

  • Jsamy07

    Thanks Amity for sharing simple ways to make this Christmas special … Awesome!

  • Anastasiya Day

    Amity, thank you so much for sharing this article with us! Love reading your articles :)

  • Michele M Tremblay

    Fun post Amity. I am a big recycler to wrap. My favorite are maps I find in National Geographics that people are throwing away!
    I have been doing this for years ;-) (oops, hope no one in my neighborhood saw that…Don’t want to get in a scrap over that big map of Australia!)

  • Anonymous

    What fun, Amity!  Looks like YOU have almost as much fun wrapping your gifts as your recipients do receiving them!  I love how bright and colorful it is. (My large filing cabinet drawer with everything carefully segregated and stacked isn’t anywhere near as enticing!)  ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Great idea, Michele!  I used the colored “funnies” from the local newspaper for years.

  • Claudia Looi

    You are so organized Amity. Want to help me organize my gift wrapping and gift giving? Your work center makes it fun and beautiful too.

  • Solvita

    Great tips and advice Amity! Eco-friendly approach makes us all feel happy ~ love it! :)

  • Denny Hagel

    I have been struggling with bins under beds forever! This is a great idea! Thanks Amity!

  • Scarlett Von Gunten

    I LOVE this Amity! Beautiful pictures! Thank you! :)

  • Amity Hook-Sopko

    It’s going to be below freezing here this week, Claudia.  YES, I’d be happy to come south and organize your gift wrapping :)

  • Katherine

    I love your ideas (even if some came from others). I had never thought to use kids artwork, but that would be perfect! There is enough of it hanging around!! :)

  • Sue

    Wow, Amity….this is so impressive ..  Very motivating to get all my things together in one area….A real time saver when you need things and what a fun place to work from!!   The pics tell it all!  

  • Alicia

    inspiring! thanks!!

  • Lori Alper

    I love all of your photos Amity.You are so incredibly organized. I need you to come to my house for a day or two :) Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas.

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  • Good Girl Gone Green

    You have it down to a T~ You are very organsed, Amity!

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