Safe, Healthy Sleep with RockaBye Organics

181938 163938233654780 318220 n Safe, Healthy Sleep with RockaBye OrganicsWhen our first son was born eleven years ago, the only thing I knew about his crib mattress was that it wasn’t supposed to be fluffy or thick because of the risk of SIDS.  My husband’s grandfather helped us research the best mattress, but we never saw a single warning about the toxic substances that might be inside them.

Our parenting  journey quickly set us on a more natural path, so by the time we were thinking of having another baby, we were much more educated on what to look out for.  But there still weren’t very many options available for safe baby gear.

It turns out, I’m not the only mom who felt that way.  Founder of RockaBye Organics, Samantha Stack says, “When my first daughter was born, I had no idea about the health hazards in conventional mattresses. After some time, I learned about how scary the flame retardants are and chemicals in the mattresses.  When it came time to get a new mattress for our youngest daughter, I knew I needed to go organic.”

That’s when she realized the lack of resources and education available… and she decided to do something about it.  Now, as a mom to three girls, she has seen and tested pretty much everything on the market.

“Big retailers sell products that claim to be organic, but they can still have flame retardants and plastics.  After some research, I decided to create a store where parents could easily find these organic sleep products and not have to question what was in each mattress, sheet, blanket.  We do it all for them!”

That’s how they’ve landed on some of the highest quality products available for families today.  Here are some of our must-have picks for creating a safe nursery.


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RockaBye Organics flippable  2 in 1 infant/toddler latex crib mattress is made in the USA of safe materials with an Organic Cotton Damask outer quilted layer to organic wool.  This mattress features one side that is extra firm for infants. For a toddler, it can be flipped so they can enjoy the support and feel of the softer top.


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The made-to-order Holy Lamb Organics comforter is made with a soft 100% organic cotton flannel and filled with Premium Eco-Wool batting. Organic wool is long-lasting, anti-bacterial, mold and mildew resistant, and repels dust mites.  Also made in the USA.

co sleeper Safe, Healthy Sleep with RockaBye Organics

If you plan on co-sleeping, the Baby Bunk infant sleeper is a safe option to consider.  Recommended for infants – birth to 6 months, this solid maple sleeper can support up to 35 pounds.  When baby has outgrown the sleeper, you can repurpose it into a bench for your child’s room.

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  • Nine Naturals Mom

    I didn’t realize that mattresses has harmful components. Thank you for
    this post and recommendations. I definitely want the flippable mattress.
    Is it washable? Do they also sell organic beddings?

  • Robert

    We all want to provide the best for our child, but often we don’t realize that unknowingly, we are causing more harm than good. I agree with use of organic and green products that are great for our little ones and also for the babies. Mattresses, in particular is a great idea. I was going through some other organic ideas at and just wanted to share the link with you too.

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