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If you’re a creative soul, you’ve probably already logged a few hours – or days – on Pinterest.  (If you’re looking for an invite, post a note in the comments or contact me.)  Yes, point number 3 in the pin above is true.  it can be just as big of a time vacuum as the social media sites.  But this week, Pinterest was the spring board to moving me forward on something I’ve been thinking of doing for two years now.

We all have that online bookmark folder of “stuff we’re going to do something with someday,” right?  I’m too “green” to print it all, so 90% of my inspiration stays right on my Macbook.  My bookmarks have gotten so far out of hand, it was tempting to delete them all and know that newer inspiration will surely come along.

But since playing around with a few boards on Pinterest, I’ve actually found ways to organize all those links in ways that make sense.  The visuals are incredibly helpful.  And being able to categorize topics into boards helps keep ideas and projects on track.

So this is the image that inspired me this week.

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Being such a fan of reusable gift wrap options, I save just about anything that could be used to wrap or embellish a gift.  Add that to the fact that I have a ton of fabric gift bags, and you can imagine what it’s like trying to find just the right size wrapping option for just the right gift recipient.

There was a section in our basement with some storage bins full of paper gift bags we’ve received (I don’t buy new ones, but we do reuse the ones we get), tissue paper, packing paper, etc.  For years I’ve said I wanted to create a system for keeping it not only organized, but where I can get to it and actually see what is there.

The photo above was the first of several I added to my Pinterest board for gift giving stations.  A few days later, our handyman (my dad) came to visit, and I now have pegboard hanging in a previously unused section of the basement.  I’m working to get it all organized, repurposing things we already have.  You’ll be the first to see the pictures – and pins – when it’s ready!

Oh — and another source of inspiration I’m loving on Pinterest?  Quotes.  As a writer, I need a little reminder every now and then that my job is more than marketing, networking, hanging pinning pretty stuff…  To be a writer, you have to write.  Every day.

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  • liz

    OHHHHH – so true!!!!!! Nice post- lets chat soon about our blogging ideas. I am moving into a fall season or “art blogging” so we can defiantly have some fun! – cheers
    liz- Botanical Beauties and Beasties

  • Tiffany C.

    Are we friends on Pinterest? I have to check! It is a totally inspirational site! I love pinning kid related items and fun on my board. Great post!

  • Amity Hook-Sopko

    I couldn’t find you, Tiffany.  Try one of the links above to find me, then I’ll follow you back :)

  • Solvita

    I love quotes and reminders to keep writing and get inspiration – very good ideas here! Thanks Amity! Love your site and going to share this right now!

  • FuntasticallyGreen

    Oh Amity you are so right! This post is incredible! I would love an invite :) Here I thought I was the only one who had so many flippin Macbook bookmarks LOL! This is so great!

  • Tiffany C.

    Just found you and followed you on pinterest!!! YAY! I am Tiffany Casanova! xoxo

  • Elvie Look

    I’m just figuring out Pinterest too and love it, naturally, because it organizes the ideas I like and don’t want to forget!! Now I need to learn how to pin my own pics. Thanks for this Amity! I can hardly wait to see your organized wrapping station. Hugs

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