Interview with Chrissy Helmer of Eco Chic Baby

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Today we’re talking to Chrissy Helmer, a doula and childbirth educator.  She’s also the owner of Eco Chic Baby – a boutique and resource center in Vacaville, California.

I have an overwhelming level of respect and admiration for doulas and midwives.  There’s very little chance we would have succeeded with a natural birth of our second son without the amazing doula who helped us. So much dedication and responsibility… And what an honor it must be to have a job that allows you to witness a new soul making its way into the world!

Here’s a little look inside the life and business of a mom who does everything she can to support expecting and new families.

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Amity: Can you share with us about what you do and how & why you got started?

Chrissy:  I am a mother of 3.  Gabe is 9, Noah is 6, and Mercy is 1.  I have been a doula and educator for 4+ years, always working around families and babies.

After hearing so many moms/families say there was no physical location to look at cloth diapers, meet up with moms, attend classes (prenantal yoga, baby signs, childbirth etc.) I took in all of those request over time and thought… wow our community really needs this, and I NEED THIS!

We are very close to Berkley, Sacramento, and Walnut Creek…  but there was not that “one spot” that had it all….as well as the community feel to it. I love my city and downtown and decide to scope out available space..with in the time I looked and opened was just a few months! It was nothing but a miracle actually!

Amity: What services and products do you offer?

Chrissy: We offer CLOTH 101 and baby wearing 101 classes for free in store or via skype.  We also offer:

  • Childbirth class
  • Baby signs
  • Pregnancy yoga
  • Play group
  • Mamas swap event
  • Health and wellness

Our store has a nursing mothers room also!

Amity:  And almost everything in the boutique is made in the US?

Chrissy: All our products are made in USA except 2 percent, that 2 percent is slave free “fair trade” though. More important that keeping the money in our nation is that NO child or person is making our products by force or unfairly.

Amity:  I completely agree icon smile Interview with Chrissy Helmer of Eco Chic Baby   Your line of business is conducive to having your 1 year old daughter there with you during the day, but I always love to hear how other moms balance mommyhood with their job.

Chrissy: I do have my one year old with me all day.  It can be a challenge but I would have it no other way. I was a stay home mom for eight years (attending births and classes a few times a month). I have a cabinet for her under the register, a lot of snacks and depend on family and friends to stop by and play with her also!
My sons are there after school to do homework and then we head home.

Amity:  It all tends to work out the way it should.  Do you have any holiday specials you’d like to share with our readers?

Chrissy: Yes, Eco Chic Baby’s specials this month are:

City Select $30 off your package
Buy 6 diapers and get 2 freebies (tote bag and odor remover)
5% off toys

Thanks so much to Chrissy for sharing a little bit about her life, family, and business with us. If you’d like to connect with her, you can find her on Facebook.


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  • Tiffany

    Wow. 4 kids and still doing tons of stuff! Amazing — I thought i was a bizzy gal!

  • Elvie Look

    Loved the interview – that was such an interesting format and she was so interesting. It reminded me of my mom who raised a family of 7 kids while running a store & post office. We never ever had a baby sitter step into our home – we went everywhere with mom. Good job Amity.

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