Dress Me Up Organic Giveaway & Holi-Daily Deal from Lullaby Organics

Today we’re thrilled to host the final day of Lullaby Organics Holi-Daily Deals event. Hats off to Erin, who has spread eco-holiday cheer and some amazing prices on high quality green gifts this season!

If you’re not familiar with Lullaby Organics, you can read more about them in the feature we published to help launch the holiday event. They share many of the same values as we do, so even if I didn’t already know so much about the company I’m reviewing today – Dress Me Up Organic – I would still trust Erin’s judgment that it’s an excellent product.

Reveal the Deal

First, let’s get to today’s special deal.  Lullaby Organics is wrapping up the 12 Days of Holi-Daily Deals with a special 20% off ALL TOYS (including Clearance toys) sitewide.  Just use the coupon code: HOLIDAILYTOYS

Dress Me Up Organic

Dress Me Up Organic is an independent toy company located in Victoria British Columbia, on Canada’s beautiful west coast.  They specialize in handmade, natural, organic cotton soft toys, eco-teethers and baby linens for young children. I met the owner, Jen Williams, at the ABCKids Expo in September. She’s a smart and funny woman – the kind of mom you’d want in your play group.

Their products are inspired by nature and are designed with many years of well-loved use in mind. They use certified organic cotton from the US and lamb’s wool stuffing from a small farm in Alberta, Canada – the oldest operating woolen mill in western Canada.

Another reason we love Jen and her company?  They’re not flinging things down an assembly line.  These products are made with love, “Each of our organic cotton soft toys, Teething Bonbons® and baby linens are meticulously crafted in small batches, ensuring confidence and loads of good energy in every aspect of creation and production.”

So which of these super green products are we giving away for the Lullaby Organics event?  It’s their top-selling Teething Bonbon and a matching leash to make sure the bonbon doesn’t land on the floor.

Dress Me Up Organics Teething Bonbon

Teething Bonbon 3 large Dress Me Up Organic Giveaway & Holi Daily Deal from Lullaby Organics

Ok, so your baby is teething.  You could let your baby chew on one of those soft plastic gel-filled things (and we now know that phthalates and other harmful toxins are found in soft plastics).  Or you can give your baby a teether made from certified organic cotton and naturally antibacterial wool.

Is there any contest?

The knots on the end are perfect for how a baby likes to gnaw on different textures.  It is machine washable and super simple to use:

1. Dip the ends in water.
2. Leave the center stuffing dry.
3. Toss in the freezer ‘till needed.

Dress Me Up Organics Bonbon Leash

Bonbon Leash 2 large Dress Me Up Organic Giveaway & Holi Daily Deal from Lullaby OrganicsI’m not a big fan of the term “leash.”  It reminds me of the kids you see at the zoo that are literally on a leash. But I’m happy to report, this leash is just meant to keep the teether off the floor.  Most babies begin teething around the same time as the Uh-Oh dropping game becomes fascinating, so this is a great companion piece. The leash can also be used to secure a favorite soother or other toys.

Here’s how you can enter the giveaway.  And be sure to check out all the other amazing eco-friendly toys with the 20% discount code HOLIDAILYTOYS at Lullaby Organics.


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  • Sandy

    Finding a present for my tech/geek husband.

  • domestic diva

    Our biggest challenge is keeping our eco-footprint small when we have to ship things.

  • Zora

    I would love this for my daughter! 

  • Eleni O’Neill

    My biggest gift giving challenge this year has been that my fiance is out of work and we thought he would be employed by now. :(   Fortunately, we still have enough to pay the rent, and our daughter is only an infant so she won’t remember not getting any gifts.

  • Patricia A

    Our biggest challenge has been finding stuff for baby thats within a resonable budget .

  • mummytocharis

    My biggest challenge is trying to make handmade gifts [knitting] that are thoughtful and that the recipient will like.  

  • Newangelique

    nice to see teething items that one does not have to worry about regreting in 10 years…

  • The Knapps

    My biggest challenge has been making my homemade gifts look as nice as I imagined :)

  • http://www.GreenGiftsGuide.com Amity Hook-Sopko

    Oh, how I can relate to that :)

  • http://melissahuie.blogspot.com Melissa H.

    Packaging, but I have a few ideas!

  • broken-sea_forgotten-sky

    My biggest green gift giving challenge has been keeping within budget -broken-sea_forgotten-sky@hotmail.com

  • Laura B.

    My biggest challenge will be wrapping gifts.  They are all sitting in the corner – waiting to be wrapped.  I may go with newspaper like a previous poster suggested. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=805915242 Natalie Beauchamp

    I’ve been making all my gifts this year…the ladies are easy.  I’m having a hard time finding the right hand made/upcycled gifts for the men in my life! :)

  • Christine Jessamine

    mine has been recycling, I have been saving boxes and glass bottles to make homemade treat containers for all the kids in our family. the boxes to put stuff in then to wrap for containters for loose presents. it has only been a challenge finding the space for all of it

  • Haley

    My biggest green gift giving challenge has been trying to find toys to give my infant that are free of all the harmful chemicals and try to save money at the same time. I am a new Mom, so I am trying to learn all about the bad chemicals and how to be green, digest all the information and make changes in our daily life to be green and healthier.

  • http://www.GreenGiftsGuide.com Amity Hook-Sopko

    Newspaper can actually be pretty :)  If you haven’t started wrapping yet, take a look at the Wrap It Green tab at the top of the page :)

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