Green Christmas Event

We’re happy to join the Green Christmas Event organized by the amazing product-reviewing mama, Nicole of Mom Always Finds Out.

Stay tuned for more details on how you can enter to win tons of fun prizes.  Our Green Christmas Giveaway includes some of the essential oils I can’t live without, a ceramic diffuser necklace, and a gorgeous reusable gift bag from The Beautiful Gift.

winters purity 300x300 Green Christmas EventWinter’s Purity Essential Oil Mini Collection  (Retail value: $36.51)

This set contains 5-ml bottles of three effective oils for keeping your family safe and health this winter and all year long.

Thieves is excellent for disinfecting and also for building up your immune system.  This blend was named for a band of thieves who stayed healthy with aromatics and herbs so they could rob 15th Century plague victims. Legend has it that when they were caught, a deal was made that if they revealed their super ingredients, the punishment would be lighter.  Those ingredients were cinnamon, clove, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus.

RC is for Respiratory Congestion. We can’t claim that anything natural “cures” anything, but when our son’s seasonal allergies act up and he starts to wheeze, a few deep breaths (inhaling directly from the bottle) of RC will stop the wheezing and coughing. Others have said they can stop an asthma attack with this oil.  Don’t throw out your inhaler… just know that there are natural alternatives available.

Purification can be used for everything from helping remove smoke or odors from the air to ridding a mattress of bed bugs to healing an ear infection.


4831 Green Christmas Event

Ceramic Diffuser Necklace (Retail value: $22.37)

This earthy and beautiful necklace is also functional.  A few drops of an oil like RC in this necklace can improve your respiratory function all day.  Wearing Thieves can create a barrier between you and the germs around you.  Or wear an oil like Joy or Harmony to promote happiness and contentment.


sarah green brown 300x200 Green Christmas Event

Simply Sarah – by The Beautiful Gift (Retail value: $28)

Not your average gift bag!  This gift set will be wrapped in an exquisite velvet and taffeta gift bag from The Beautiful Gift.  Keep it for yourself to use as a handbag or to store something special.  Or pass it along by gifting a decadent gift to someone special on your holiday list.

My online pal and owner/designer at The Beautiful Gift kindly donated the bag for this giveaway.  Be sure to check out her holiday offering or like her company on Facebook.


Giveaway open to residents of the U.S. and Canada.


Twitter:  @GreenGiftsGuide


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