Glowing Skin On Your Wedding Day – And Beyond!

As our Eco Stylish Wedding series continues, today we’re talking about the natural way to get glowing, gorgeous skin for your big day.  My friend Lisa Liguori from Style Essentials is sharing her six month countdown to bridal-ready skin.

Glowing Skin On Your Wedding Day – And Beyond!

by: Lisa Liguori

It has been nearly 24 years now, that I was a bride-to-be, but my goodness, I recall so many details of the amazing process.

Like, for instance, how I wanted the day to last and last, and not be over in the blink of an eye. Or, how I wanted it to be full of color and to reflect both of our personalities. (I still love color; my home boasts a purple door, sofa and walls, and my new brothers surprised us by dancing the Stray Cat Strut in matching boxer shorts at our wedding – Ahem).

However, I wish I knew all the tips I do now when it came to preparing my skin for the big day. I don’t believe I gave that a moment’s thought!  Here is what I would have wanted to know –

Six-Month Countdown For Your Best Skin

Ideally, you want to begin the process six months ahead of your wedding day, and at the very least give yourself a one-month window. If you don’t have that much time, just do the best you can, beginning today.

You will need a good daily routine, one that is realistic for your life and that you will stick to.

Every.  Day.

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Let’s Begin

These are the basics to manage your stress, and keep you feeling (& your skin looking) fabulous! In part two of this post, we will go into the specifics of skin care.

1. Get enough sleep each night (in fact, take a daily nap, darn it)!

2. Get your daily exercise

3. Do something fun every day

4. Take daily quiet meditative time

5. Take in high nutrient foods and plenty of water

I know, common sense, right?

Really though, you need to pay special attention to these areas during this very busy and super exciting time in your life.

Because, the busier you are, and the more stress you are experiencing, the more you need to carve out your sleep, exercise, healthy food, fun & quiet time.

Nothing can take the light out of your skin faster than excess unmanaged stress and lack of sleep. Weddings can be stressful and even good stress can take its toll on your skin. If you have sleepless nights, squeeze in a nap!

Plan your days accordingly. Schedule everything!

Be sure to get your exercise of choice in. Get to your yoga class, put those running shoes on, or just get walking at a brisk pace every day. Grab a girlfriend, or you dog and go!

Schedule it!

Exercising with a friend also ensures your social needs are being met and you have a place to share all the pressures and ideas you have running around in your mind. Go for tea with a friend. Or out to dinner. Hey, those can meet your daily fun quotas as well.

Schedule your social times.

Can you give yourself quiet time daily? Be it either one large chunk of time to just sit and be, or in a few five-minute bits.

In the shower?

Before you get out of bed in the morning?

A tea break?

Schedule your quiet times.

Make every thing you eat count – veggies, fruits, nuts & seeds as well as quality protein. This really will make a difference.

I promise you, you will glow, glow, glow, from the inside!

Image 2 300x300 150x150 Glowing Skin On Your Wedding Day   And Beyond!Lisa D. Liguori is founder and owner of Style Essentials, a green beauty marketplace offering pure mineral makeup, organic skincare and a personal touch!

Come on over to find a wealth of resources featuring healthy beauty tips, anti-aging, and beautiful lifestyle tips. In between consulting with clients and researching new products to share, Lisa is an active homeschooling mama of two growing up kids, two cats, a tail wagging pit bull named Violet and a super supportive hubby. They all live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pour yourself a cup of tea and visit Style Essentials, then connect with Lisa on Facebook and Twitter too!

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  • Small Footprints

    What a wonderful post … not just for brides looking to be their best on their special day, but for all of us.  I really appreciate that you’ve listed all the “life-style” choices we can make to have better skin … I do believe it’s all related.

  • Lisa D Liguori

    This was a fun post to write, thank you so much for having me here Amity. I can’t wait to get into the nitty gritty of skincare next.

  • Lisa D Liguori

    I too believe it al to be related. Health comes before the skin care and makeup! Thanks for your comment.

  • The Organic Blonde

    You would think that drinking enough water and eating high nutrient foods would be a no brainer, right?  I was talking to a client the other day and asked her about her diet.  She was shocked when I told her that the junk food she ate religiously was not helping her skin.  She didn’t understand even the basics!  Great list of how to have beautiful skin!  
    Stopping by from the Meet & Greet.

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