Keep Your Inner Glow This Holiday Season

Keeping yourself a priority during the holidays…. easier said than done, right?  Luckily, we have Lisa D. Liguori here  today sharing her holiday beauty, sanity, and organizing tips for the holidays.  Lisa is the brains and natural beauty behind Style Essentials.  She also has some fun, non-toxic, beauty gift sets (like the one below) that will probably sell out soon. So you might want to check them out right after reading her fun article icon smile Keep Your Inner Glow This Holiday Season

Image Keep Your Inner Glow This Holiday Season

Keep Your Inner Glow This Holiday Season

by:  Lisa D. Liguori

It comes as no surprise.

The holidays can be our downfall. It begins with Halloween and ramps up slowly to Thanksgiving, and then WHAM! The gift giving season is upon us in full swing and we are still cleaning out the cobwebs from Halloween.

This can prove to be a blow to your inner (& outer) glow. 

I would like to offer you a few tips to keep your sanity, as well as your beauty rest, over the season, no matter what your faith or chosen holiday.

Set a goal; to enjoy this holiday season, and have time to pamper yourself as well.

Make it your gift to yourself. After all, it is the gift giving season.  Begin by making a list of the events and projects you need or want to do throughout the season.

Now let’s put your calendar to work for you.

With list in hand, starting now, map out your calendar for the holiday months of November and December.

Personally, I have a list of events that I like to fit in the season, and calendaring them gives me a road map of sorts to guide me. It prevents me from over scheduling, as well as to create a rich holiday season for our family, preventing us from missing our top priorities.

Here is a list of what I typically have scheduled in the past, beginning with the first weekend after Thanksgiving.

  • Choose our holiday tree, take it home and decorate
  • Gingerbread house making and caroling
  • Annual local holiday faire & cookie baking
  • Winter Solstice Party
  • Christmas Eve Bonfire party

Your list may look different, but whatever it is, add the items to your calendar. Calendared events can certainly be moved around if need be, but you will be thrilled at how well this will work for your family during this busy season.

A few more tips to keep you sane and glowing:

  • Shop online, from home, in your pj’s and with a cup of hot tea, as opposed to fighting the lines in the mall. Can you guess my two favorite online shopping destinations?  Green Gifts Guide and Style Essentials, of course!
  • Finish your shopping prior to December, then sit back and relax, knowing you have it all done. You will be amazed at how good this feels. (This is my number one tip for staying healthy and beautiful over the holiday season. Really!)
  • Then, grab a friend and take one shopping trip, where you don’t need to actually shop, just for the fun of seeing the lights and displays. This is the best!

My calendar is changing, as my kids are growing older. I no longer block off a weekend for gingerbread house making, as I used to when my kids were little. (We have made many a gingerbread house over the years). And my kids have outgrown the local holiday faire. My daughter now likes to go with me, on my shopping trip to see the lights, and we can stay out past her bedtime.  Each stage brings more joy!

Please, keep your holidays stress free and beautiful. Don’t buy into the cultural need to overdo it.

My goodness, go get your nails done (non-toxic nail polish, of course). A massage would be good. Tea with a friend could be just the thing.

‘Tis the season, you know.

What are your plans for keeping your holidays balanced and full of beauty?  Please share them below. We all learn so much from one another.


Lisa D. Liguori is founder and owner of Style Essentials, a green beauty marketplace featuring pure mineral makeup, organic skincare and a personal touch!

Come on over to find a wealth of resources featuring healthy beauty tips, anti-aging, and beautiful lifestyle tips. In between consulting with clients and researching new products to share, Lisa is an active homeschooling mama of two growing up kids, two cats, a tail wagging pit bull named Violet and a super supportive hubby. They all live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pour yourself a cup of tea and visit Style Essentials, then connect with Lisa on Facebook and Twitter too!

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