Give Eco Jewelry This Valentine’s Day


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Eco Friendly Keychain / Purse Charm by Irma Guzman

You’ve read all about how to celebrate a Greener, Sweeter Valentine’s Day,  so if you’re looking for the most sustainable gift ideas, these pieces by Eco Designer Irma Guzman are sure to make your green Valentine smile.

Today we’re sharing a few of her designs, but if you’d like to see more, you’ll find her complete collection here.

What’s more important than the beauty of her designs, is the thought that goes into every business decision she makes:

“When you buy our pieces you are acquiring statement jewelry.  You’re also contributing to the development of small artisan communities in South America whose income is only derived from the cultivation of these seeds.  Most importantly you are helping preserve the ecosystem.”

Irma must have looked at my photos on Facebook to see I don’t wear much jewelry, or she has sharp intuition, because she me an earthy style keychain / purse charm to review.  It’s from her Lola Collection in neutral colors, and totally organic. It has a large tagua nut, acai seeds, and wood beads. It’s versatile enough you could also add it to a chain as a necklace charm.  And I think I could find a creative way to pin it to a scarf.

 Give Eco Jewelry This Valentines Day

Olivia Necklace by Irma Guzman

What else makes Irma Guzman’s jewelry so gorgeously green?

  • All the seeds are harvested without harming the trees they come from.
  • The seeds are dyed with natural oils by artisans in South America.
  • They use sustainable wood in all designs.
  • The products are not treated with additional chemicals.
  • Necklaces and accessories are handmade in her studio in Grand Prairie, Texas, to ensure high quality and the least amount of material wasted.


And look what we found in her Amazon Rainforest Collection…

AR Evergreen 300x236 Give Eco Jewelry This Valentines Day

Amazon Rainforest "Evergreen" by Irma Guzman



Irma sent me a Lola Keychain to review so I could see the quality of her jewelry. All views are my own. Please see our Disclosure for more information on reviews.

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  • Kimmering

    Wow, her jewelry is really beautiful…and well priced, too.

  • Jenn

    Her jewelry is just beautiful.

  • Tiffany C.

    How gorgeous are those keychains??  I was just complaining today that my key chain is so old that my keys are about to fall off! NEED ONE!

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