Big News — We’re judging the 2012 Giftee Awards by

2012 Giftee Awards  Big News    Were judging the 2012 Giftee Awards by Gifts.comOk, our close friends and readers might think this is like seeing Christmas decorations in Hobby Lobby on a June day.  But since a good little chunk of our readers happen to be green businesses, I’m not ashamed to share holiday news — even in August.

I was asked by to serve as a judge for their 2012 Giftee Awards.

To me, this is a spectacular opportunity to bring green gifts into the holiday spotlight. You’ll notice one of their categories is Best Eco-Friendly Gift.  There’s also one for Best Gift Made in the USA.

Throughout all categories, I hope to see not only toys and products made from sustainable or recycled materials… but even cause gifts and adopt-a-sea-otter type options that don’t turn out to be things at all!  As one of 12 judges they’ve selected, my goal is to vote on the best gifts that make a huge impact on the recipient, but as little as possible impact on the planet.

How To Nominate a Gift for the Giftee Awards

The team made it simple, fun, (and potentially rewarding) to nominate a gift.  They’re giving away prizes – including a $1000 holiday shopping spree. Nominating is easy:

  • Enter your favorite gift idea here.
  • Share your nomination with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more chances to win.
  • The more nominations your gift gets, the better chance it has of being selected as a finalist by the judges.
  • After the judges determine the Top 10 in each category, it goes back to you to vote for the winners!

It makes sense that the earlier a gift is nominated, the more buzz it will generate.  The finalists will be announced on October 22nd, and winners named on November 26th.  These are the categories you can nominate:

082112 Giftees Launch Category Image Big News    Were judging the 2012 Giftee Awards by


Be sure to share your nomination on our Facebook wall and @ mention us on Twitter (using the hashtag #2012Giftees) so we can share too!  Happy green gifting!

PinExt Big News    Were judging the 2012 Giftee Awards by

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