Gift It Green Reusable Fabric Gift Boxes

Eco Chic Reusable Fabric Gift Boxes by Gift It Green Gift It Green Reusable Fabric Gift Boxes

Wrapping gifts in fabric just got (even) easier.

If you’ve ever received a gift from me, most likely it was wrapped in some form of fabric.  A cloth gift bag or a furoshiki style wrap… I love the simplicity, fun color options and reusability of fabric.

The only downside to a fabric gift bag is that – if your gift size to bag size ratio is way off – the bag may not stand up tall the way a paper gift bag does.  It’s not a huge deal.  But at kids’ parties, your gift might be one of the last opened if it’s lying down flat on a table, or being buried in a pile of gift bags and conventional paper.

So when I heard about the reusable fabric gift boxes from Gift it Green, I was excited to see how they work.  My husband’s birthday was this past weekend, and the boys picked out his gift — a baseball game from the used video game store.  It was a perfect fit for the Gift it Green box they sent me to review.

Now this is a guy who has unwrapped his gifts in every way from…

  • a bed sheet
  • the kids’ artwork
  • bandanas
  • a Whole Foods bag
… to countless unwrapped gifts.  If it’s a particularly random wrap I’m experimenting with, you can see his head shake or his brow furrow in confusion.  But he’s generally a good sport about it.


This time, I’m daring to say he was genuinely impressed throughout the opening process!  Here’s a peek at how the Gift It Green fabric box (in size small) works:


GiftItGreen Gift It Green Reusable Fabric Gift Boxes


When you untie the bow and open the sturdy flaps, there’s a sewn-in wrap of reusable crinkly paper that keeps the surprise going just a little bit longer.  It’s super easy to wrap and unwrap, and the box is structured enough to stand up on either side as a base.  Even though this wasn’t the most masculine print or color, he said it was a cool way to receive a gift.

The above photos are of the smallest size box.  A full size guide is available at Gift It Green online.

Founder Kim Blanding shares that the inspiration for Gift it Green came, “during my son’s first Christmas. My family had four huge trash bags filled with paper wrap, paper gift bags, and boxes. I felt there must be a way to capture the thrilling experience of opening a present without waste.”

And you know how we love a business that walks its talk and gives back…  Gift It Green is a Green America Bronze Certified Business, and they support the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

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  • Nine Naturals Mom

    Now that’s a gift box! I love all the layers of flaps that you lift and go through to keep the surprise going. What kind of fabric does it use? From the pic, it looks like an insulated lunch keeper!

  • Brittany

    Fabulous idea.  So if you give a gift outside the family – then this is kind of like another gift that they can use when gifting.  It is a gift that keeps gifting!

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