Portable, Biodegradable Mini Water Filters from GAC

GAC bottle Portable, Biodegradable Mini Water Filters from GACIn need of a fresh, new gift idea for a special someone in your life? Why not try tap water’s new best friend… the drop-in filters from GAC (Granular Activated Carbon)

GAC filters are uniquely designed to simply drop into tap water in order to quickly and effectively remove chlorine, taste and odor.  Use it just like a tea bag.

They are a great gift for anyone who wants to stay hydrated on the go, while leading an eco-friendly lifestyle. They can be perfectly pair with a funky new reusable bottle of your choice! And single filter will filter up to 50 liters, so that friend of yours can sip in style all day.

But what if your friend is more of a coffee drinker? No problem! These little filters can do wonders for your coffee if you place them in the back of your coffee maker’s water reservoir. A single filter will do the trick, removing all taste and odor from your tap water, giving you an extra tasty cup of coffee.

Did we mention that these filters are 100% biodegradable?  That means no green guilt here. So, for the active friends, this makes a great addition to a stainless steel water bottle as a gift.  Or pair GAC filters with their favorite brand of coffee or tea for a healthy and delicious gift.

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