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This giveaway is now closed.  Congrats to our winner, Saarah S.  Keep watching for more giveaways throughout the holiday season!

It’s the first EcoMonday of October, and to celebrate, we’re giving away a copy of one of our favorite books for new moms.

img book EcoMonday Giveaway   Green Moms GuideI’ve given this book in a basket of other green gifts (cloth diapers, organic cotton sleeper, nursing pads, etc.).  I call it the gift of a”healthy dose of green reality!”

Keep it for yourself, or give it as a baby shower or holiday gift.

As a new mother, Paige Wolf has been committed to living an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle. But with the flood of constantly changing information, it’s become an increasingly difficult task. In addition to the age-old daunting task of raising happy, healthy babies, mothers are constantly bombarded with new and contradictory research concerning environmental toxins, long-term product effects, and the far-reaching impact of every product we purchase and decision we make.

Spit That Out! answers the questions posed by mothers on the verge of a “green mom nervous breakdown” and turns to experts to present facts, debunk myths, and help parents stay on a reasonable and responsible course without losing their minds. Whether they are cloth-diapering, holistic mamas or moms who still can’t give up their designer duds, all modern mothers can relate to the desperation of wanting to do the best for their children – and feeling hopelessly overwhelmed in the process. Spit That Out! feeds an audience of mothers hungry for commiseration, direction, and relief.

Giveaway Details:

To enter is simple.  Choose one or all of the following ways to enter:

- “Like” us on Facebook and leave a comment letting us know you’re entering the giveaway.

- Get our guide to Green Gift Giving (sign up in right hand sidebar)

- *Receive 3 extra entries for each friend you send to our Facebook page (let us know in the comments here or on FB). With 12 weeks till Christmas, your friends will thank you for all the great green tips we’re cooking up!

Winner will be announced next EcoMonday, October 10th.  Thanks and best of luck!

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  • Carol Giambri

    Will pass information on to new moms.  Thanks for sharing Amity.

  • Michele M Tremblay

    This is so welcome for new moms I am sure. When my kids were young I got so confused about food and everything swirling around food/chemical/medication issues that I went from feeling like there was nothing I could give my family to throwing my hands in the air as an act of surrender (never for very long). I finally decided to buy what I could that was organic, read every label and hope beyond hope that if I missed something that it wouldn’t be the worst thing to miss.

  • Anonymous

    Makes me wish I was a young mom again! Love what you are doing Amity!

  • Patcruickshank

    I see the new moms today striving to be and do the best.  It can be overwhelming for them for sure.  Great resources!

  • Kelly

    What what wonderful book for a new mom.  I liked you on facebook :)

  • Elvie Look

    Love your articles Amity. Such a nice give-away too. I will remember that as a gift, I have a couple pregnant friends. Thanks!

  • Roxanne K

    “Like” us on Facebook and left comment: Roxanne Kennedy

  • Roxanne K

    i also signed up for guide to Green Gift Giving :)

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