Eco Stylish Wedding Inspiration ~ Hannah & Jesse

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Hannah + Jesse by Tim Harris

It’s that time of year.

Holiday engagements mean bridal fairs are in full swing. But before you start picking out bridesmaid gowns and creating the seating chart, you are cordially invited to take a look at the wedding video that has enchanted me all week. I thought it was the perfect way to begin our series on Eco Stylish Weddings.

I could actually go on and on about meaningful ceremonies (you have no idea how many paragraphs I’ve typed and deleted).  But the images of those two young, excited faces say it all.

When I asked Hannah some questions, she didn’t have to say much because she knew I already “got” their intentions on a simple, special wedding day. “We spent the day visiting places in the city that emphasized local foods from our farmer friends, and just had a very nice day. It is a day I will actually remember,” she said.  Not the whirlwind, stressful climax that a lot of weddings tend to be.

Jesse and Hannah plan to host a reception later this year on the organic farm they’ve started together where they plan on serving all their own food. As Hannah says, “We want to celebrate our life together that we have begun, not necessarily the VERY FIRST DAY of it like a traditional wedding. But I think the main emphasis, I guess, is that you can still have a small intimate wedding, and it will still be really, really special.”

Maybe even more special.

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  • Tiffany C.

    You know I adore video!! And this was no exception, so sweet.  ADORE the paper bouquet. Thanks for sharing.

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