Eco Mother’s Day: Fair Trade Spring Scarves

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Flowers of the Afternoon Scarf from Ten Thousand Villages

As a mom, I always look forward to spending Mother’s Day with my family.  Quality time together (no screens, no overly busy schedule) means much more to me than any gift they may decide to get me.

When it comes to green Mother’s Day gifts, my husband knows better than to let them buy something just for the sake of having a gift.

So if there’s something I want, I drop obvious hints.  (See previous posts about Irma Guzman Eco Jewelry.)

For the gift ideas we’re highlighting for our Green Mother’s Day guide, we’re only selecting items we’d drop hints for ourselves.

The Spring Scarf Collection from Ten Thousand Villages definitely makes the list.  We especially love this fresh, feminine scarf, Flowers of the Afternoon, from Asha Handicrafts.  In Sanskrit, Asha means “hope.”  And they’re spreading hope with the work they do empowering artisans throughout India.

When you give a Fair Trade gift, you’re actually giving to more than just the woman in your life.  A fair trade organization, Asha represents more than 6,500 artisans in 10 states of India.  A not–for–profit organization, Asha works to ensure that benefits of handicraft production reach the craftspeople themselves. Asha promotes sustainability and helps eliminate producer debt through direct purchases and advance payments.

Producer benefits include educational assistance for children, medical checkups and treatment, a health center at Saharanpur, savings programs for artisans and spouses, nonformal education projects and relief–related social projects.

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