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If you’re a “before Thanksgiving” decorator, you’ll probably be pulling out all the holiday boxes this weekend.  This week’s post in our 10 Weeks to a Green Christmas series will help you bring some natural style to your decorating.

We’ve gotten a few questions about the greenest option for your Christmas tree.  It’s been answered in detail in TreeHugger’s real verses artificial post. Be sure to tell us in the comments which option you choose.

But what about the rest of your decorations?  Well, we’ve found more ideas on Pinterest to inspire your creativity.

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Pine cones on ribbon to dress up a window. They’re also a solid addition to any table centerpiece.  Or try a small pine cone as an embellishment on a gift.  Some people spray paint them silver or gold or add glitter, but we’re really fond of the natural look.


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Simple, beautiful evergreens make a statement and can be planted outside for year round greenery.

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Acorns make warm and cozy additions to centerpieces, candles, mason jars, and even ornaments.  Or try mixing whole, unshelled nuts as natural elements to your holiday decorating.


Honorable mentions for natural decorating:

Magnolia leaves – table tops, chandeliers

Moss wreaths and topiaries – topiaries make great year round decor

Boughs of holly and pine


Rosemary sprigs

Make your own festive swag or wreath from evergreen branches, secure cut ends with florist wire and tie with holiday-themed ribbon.

And don’t forget to deck the halls safely. American emergency rooms report nearly 6,000 injuries related to holiday decorating each year.  It’s not just bumps, bruises and broken bones due to falls from ladders or roofs.  People fall from chairs and furniture indoors too.

We’d love to hear about your best natural holiday decorating.  Tell us in the comments, or post your pics on our Facebook wall.

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