Breaking the Paper Gift Bag Habit

easter Breaking the Paper Gift Bag Habit

Green Gift Giving doesn’t mean you never use a paper gift bag again.  It just means you don’t buy paper gift bags anymore.  If you’re on the birthday party circuit regularly, you probably collect enough gift bags that you’ll rarely have to buy new ones.

The problem usually comes up during that last minute gift quest.  Just like when we forget to plan our meals at home, we end up spending more money and more calories at the quickest drive through.  That’s why I try to keep enough reusable gift wrap options on hand that I don’t find myself stopping to race through the gift bag aisle on our way to a party.

Breaking the paper gift bag habit was pretty easy for us.  After all, we have boys.  All you need is a couple of fabric bags in primary colors and a Star Wars tote – you can wrap their gifts for the next 8 to 10 years.

Holidays are not too tough either.  We accumulate enough paper gift bags to reuse the next Christmas (or two, depending on how squished they get in the car on the way to Grandma’s).   And then there was the year after we moved… I fell in love with the minimalist look of boxes wrapped in used packing paper with matching green ribbons around the Christmas tree. 

For any other birthday, holiday, or gift-giving event, I can usually find a cute fabric gift bag, or a creative way to reuse something we already have.

But the thing I didn’t prepare myself for was the occasional little girl’s birthday party.  Most of our kids’ friends are boys – but there’s the neighbor girl, school friends, and a little sister’s birthday we’re always invited to. 

Once or twice a year, I might get a pink gift bag, but it’s nothing like that princess castle with the doors that really open.  The bag that’s a toy in itself!

So you can imagine what a treat it was last year when I discovered a new crop of fabric gift bags – ones that are so unique and adorable, it’s actually hard to give them away!  And some of the prints will take your breath away.

Wrapsacks offers a special gift giving starter pack for those who are new to fabric gift bags.  This is a useful assortment of different prints and colors to suit anyone on your gift giving list.  They also offer a cool feature to Track-a-Sack and follow your bags journey through green gift giving.

Living Ethos has some of the most amazing prints and colors we’ve seen in fabric bags yet.  These bags are sold by the set.  A set includes four bags of different sizes.  The largest gift bag fits most toys, while the tiny one is the perfect size to hold a jewelry box.

With a drawstring ribbon tie made from eco-friendly recycled PET, they’re easy enough for little hands to open quickly.  (I never liked the sound of wrapping paper tearing open anyway… reminds me of ripping a $5 bill in half since that’s probably what we spent on that roll of paper from virgin trees.)

Living Ethos has a great selection of boy gift bags, like Dino Dance and Dig It.  And for the girl birthday parties this summer, I’m stocking up on the Kaleidoscope Pink, Beach Party, and Cherry Blossoms.

Try them out and let us know how spoiled you get from not having to drag out the paper, tape, and bows!

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  • Susan McKenzie

    Wow, Amity! Your site is so warm and inviting and I really like the gift bags – so much nicer than the throw aways (which I just unfortunately bought this week for my granddaughter’s b-day) … I’m choosing which of your bags I want to purchase right now! I look forward to hearing more of your ideas and watching your website grow!

  • admin

    Thanks so much, Susan! Hope your granddaughter had a great birthday! So great getting to know you through Sandi :)

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