BottlesUp For An Eco Valentine’s Day – A Sweet Gift That Gives Back

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Glass Water Bottle in Pink by BottlesUp


If you’re not a fan of the commercialism of Valentine’s Day – BUT you still need to get a gift for someone – consider giving a gift that’s not only useful but also gives back.

A water bottle might not be the most romantic gift, but it surely is useful!

And with all the confusion about BPA and the other toxins found in both disposable and some reusable water bottles, or trying to tell the difference between aluminum and stainless steel… it’s no wonder old-fashioned glass has made a big comeback in the world of baby bottles and on-the-go bottles.

This glass beauty from BottlesUp makes a fun Valentine’s Day gift because:

1.  It’s pink

2.  It solves the plastic/aluminum confusion problem

3.  It gives back

BottlesUp is a member of 1% for the Planet, AND BottlesUp Glass donates 5% of the purchase of all pink bottles to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®.

And let’s be honest… water tastes better and more pure from glass.  No weird plastic-y taste and no metallic smell like you sometimes get from other types of bottles.  Glass is naturally free from BPA, phthalates, and PVC. Plus your water really sparkles in this work of art!

These bottles are made in North America from 75% post consumer recycled glass, with food grade silicone rings and cap. They’re handy to use and easy to clean – we hand wash ours (the opening is wide enough to fit a dish scrubbing brush inside, and they’re also dishwasher safe.

At home, we only drink filtered water from glass.  Our boys eat and drink from real glass and dishes at their Montessori school.  We received one of these (in green, it’s lovely too) for the review, and it has worked nicely on the go. We’ve used it for the past four months, and no breaks.

It’s also the only water bottle we reach for when we drink Grapefruit water, because you can’t mix essential oils with plastic.

Bottle size is 9.75″ tall and 3″ diameter.  It holds 22 fl oz.


BottlesUP sent me a bottle to review.   All views are completely mine. Please see our Disclosure for more information on green product reviews.

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  • Anita Fiander

    Thanks fro sharing this wonderful bottle :) I have recently transitioned to all glass and stainless steel in my home. Thus works! Thanks for sharing:)

  • Denny Hagel

    Good info…I didn’t think there was anything left made of glass! And in my favorite color too! Thanks for sharing Amity!

  • Saarah

    Love this bottle.  I use glass bottles myself.  Its nice to know there’s another one out there. ;)   Thx for sharing!

  • Max M.

    This is the perfect gift for my Mom on Val’s day! Thanks! 

  • Suzanne

    Why couldn’t we fill it up with chocolate as a gift? Then they are getting the best from both worlds…maybe chocolate covered peanuts or almonds..

  • Anonymous

    This is a great idea! I have such a hard time with the glass plastic issue…thanks for the idea!!!

  • Matthew Reed

    Great Site!  Love the glass bottles.  No worries about bpa there!

  • AJ

    I’m not into pink, but my wife is!
    I do my part everyday by using my Camelback water bottles. I carry them everywhere, and I have several back-ups with me at all times in a cooler :-)

  • Lori Popkewitz Alper

    That bottle is so pretty! I would be psyched to get that for Valentine’s day!

  • Lorrie

    Well, that is fun and useful information! So nice to see quality and conscientious products on the market.

  • Susan Preston

    I like the idea that you suggested for Valentine’s Day. I may look into them for my husband and stepdaughters and buy healthy juices that they love to go with them, as well as some chocolate ;) Thanks!

  • Tiffany C.

    This bottle is SOOO supah cute!! I think it will be a gift for myself!

  • Tara Yvonne Chatzaki

    What a great idea for a gift! I’d never think about something so useful and ‘green’. Then again I guess that’s why you came up with the idea and not me! LOL!

  • Thriving With Celiac

    cute gift idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Solvita

    Such a wonderful bottle with so many good benefits Amity! :)   I love the way it is 75% recycled consumer glass… this is the best point! Let’s respect our beautiful mother nature!

  • Helena

    This looks like the perfect thing for my lemon water during the day! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Lisa D Liguori

    What a beautiful and stylish water bottle! I have a water bottle collection (glass, of course!) and would be thrilled to add this one to it. PINK! Peppermint water is yummy as well. I will have to try the grapefruit.

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