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I’m Amity, and I’m delighted you stopped by this blog.  There’s so much great info about Green Living available now, I’m thrilled you’re here reading what we have to say about green gift giving and making your special occasions a little more eco-friendly.

To me, sustainable living is a bit like nursing a baby… for something that should come naturally, it’s not always intuitive or easy. Sometimes we just need a little guidance!

Especially in today’s convenience-centric culture.

So while I’d like to say I never give a gift that was made in China and that I had an all vegetarian menu at my last party, that’s not the case.  And you know what… life is too short to suffer from green guilt over it.  I believe we have to keep our intentions pure, do the best we can, and that’s good enough.

My journey into Green Living began 10 years ago after a rough hospital birth with our first son.  We quickly realized you can’t “hope” or “wish” your way into a natural lifestyle… you have to make a plan, gather the best information, talk to other moms who are doing it, and then give yourself a lot of grace.

Shortly after our second son was born, I left my career in corporate Sales & Marketing.  That precious time as a Stay-At-Home-Mom allowed me to reconnect with nature and slow down enough to enjoy my wonderful family.  I returned to my life-long love / hobby of writing… taking a journal to the park to watch my boys play and writing down sweet things they said or did.  Then I realized when you let those words out on paper, a tidal wave more are waiting to be set free.  Soon I was writing every day – something I hadn’t done since I was 15.

Green Gifts Guide began in my head as we hit the birthday party circuit with our boys.  Sure, parties should be fun, but I was surprised to see how much waste was involved.  Not to mention those over-the-top parties that seem like the parents hired Hollywood event planners to produce.  What does this “bigger is better” mentality teach our kids?

Since then, I’ve learned so much about Green Gift Giving… like how the world spends $2.6 billion a year on wrapping paper and gift bags, and most of these are not recyclable.  As parents, we started looking at the environmental impact of not only the way we wrap gifts, but the gifts themselves.  Do our landfills really need more plastic toys and batteries?

And most importantly, I felt a need to share that holidays and birthdays are not about rampant consumerism.  They’re about giving.  And the most thoughtful gift is one that is kind to the planet.   That’s why this site gives back to the environment too. We’re hosted with Green Energy.  And a percentage of all profits are donated to our favorite environmental causes:

The Arbor Day Foundation


League of Conservation Voters


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