Teaming Up with MACT Awards at the ABCKids Expo

This weekend, I have the privilege of representing SAFbaby and their “Mom Approved Child Tested” (MACT) Awards at the ABCKids Expo in Louisville.  To say it’s an honor to work with the founders, Sandra and Samantha… well, that doesn’t even come close to expressing how fortunate I feel to be involved with a program of this caliber.

If you’re a parent, you know that feeling of dread that creeps up every time you read a headline about lead paint, phthalates, toxic sippy cups and toys, or how the European Union banned chemical garbage from their baby products years ago.  (I know, don’t let me get started…)

As we’ve gradually greened our family over the past seven years, I now consider myself educated on what’s safe when it comes to the things we use most – food, cooking items, personal care products, clothing, bedding, etc.  But I am still baffled by how hard it is to find fun, cool, and safe toys that my boys will actually play with.

So how do I make educated choices when it comes to toys and kids’ gear?  If I’m ever in doubt on something in our home or something I’m reviewing here, I go straight to MACT or SAFbaby and look it up.  To my sons’ delight, that’s where I first learned that Lego doesn’t use PVC in their plastic.

As I learned more about the extensive research and testing that goes into MACT, I realized more parents need to know how important this certification is.  It’s been the best-kept secret among green moms for too long.  Now it’s time to bring all parents on board so we can not only protect our families, but also “vote with our dollars” and tell the toxic-producers to clean up their acts.

HABA Pulling Toy Cotti 300x190 Teaming Up with MACT Awards at the ABCKids Expo

When you see the words “natural” or “non-toxic” on a feeding product or toy, there aren’t many regulations to back up those claims.  But seeing a detailed review of the product components and what real parents think of a product like this baby pull-behind toy is exactly the peace of mind a parent needs in order to allow their child to play with an item they bought or received as a gift.

As one mom describes:

“It is so nice to have free resources like this available to parents like me that want to give their children the safest products, but don’t always have time or the ability to fully research them. Keep up the great work!”  ~ Jaime, Mom & SAFbaby / MACT fan

Earlier this year, we reviewed Piggy Paint, a water-based line of nail polish for kids (and now adults and pets).  Knowing they qualified for such a prestigious award as MACT actually sold me on the nail polish before I even tried it. I didn’t have to guess if the claims were true.  I trust MACT to take a deep dive into the details, so I don’t have to.

They take their role as consumer watchdogs so seriously, they’ve even developed a new QR code for MACT Award-winning companies to display on their product packaging.  So now, instead of just being able to look up the products you buy online, you can actually scan baby food, toys, and more in stores to find out what makes them healthy or safe – all from your smart phone.  Our generation of parents knows how to make technology work for them.  Thankfully, there are moms like the ones behind the MACT Awards making our job easier.



PinExt Teaming Up with MACT Awards at the ABCKids Expo
  • Tiffany C.

    Amazing! What a great org to work with and learn from. I remember that post about nail polish, I thought it was such a great idea, especially for little girls that bite their nails. Great post! KEEP IT UP!! :)

  • Eco-Friendly Family

    Such an amazing opportunity, and I just love what you do.  It’s such a service to parents.  It was truly a pleasure getting to meet with you at the expo!

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